4 Reasons To Get The Sleep Science Split-King Memory Foam Mattress With Adjustable Base

The trusted name of Sleep Science has produced yet again another product worthy of your bedroom. With the implementation of the cutting edge Celsion Phase Changing technology, the face of sleeping as we know it has forever been lifted. This technology helps to regulate your temperature and the temperature of the mattress to ensure that you remain cool enough to sleep soundly throughout the night.

1. The mattress is made up of three different layers that are covered by a soft material equipped with a zipper for easy removal and maintenance. All of them are designed to work together to bring you the optimum sleeping experience. They all adapt to your body in different ways to provide the necessary comfort and support needed. The top layer is of highest importance as it carries the Celsion Phase technology. The middle layer is of memory foam while the lowest layer is of a base foam material designed for firmness and support.

2. On the comfort level this Sleep Science Memory Foam Mattress is ranked as medium to soft. This is ideal for those who prefer comfort over support and so those who lie on their sides and stomach would gravitate toward this mattress. It can also be good for those who lie on their backs who do not need too much firmness.

3. The Sleep Science Split-King Memory Foam mattress can be mounted onto a double sided adjustable base which makes it an even better deal for your money. The base for this bed has a remote for each side of the split. This allows either user to adjust the angles and settings of the bed independent of the other. This bed is therefore best suited for pairs of sleepers, whether a couple or siblings.

4. The combo is a bit on the pricy side. It comes highly recommended by this source and is crafted of quality materials by a trusted name. It is worth it, though, as this bed set is far more than just memory foam. It is a Sleep Science Split-King Memory Foam Mattress with two independent sides of adjustable framing. On their own they are expensive to purchase. Another thing to note is the generous and rarely heard of 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

All components of the bed inclusive of its memory foam, and adjustable bed frame are all manufactured in the United States with reliable, trustworthy materials. They adhere to all relevant fire and safety regulations for mattresses.